8/27/00- I am sorry for the delay.  I have been at school and have been in after school activities.  I have added some new characters and deleted the Final Fantasy and Stacraft sections.  I did that because it doesn't go with this page.  I will be updating this as often as I can.

7/29/00- I'm back!!  I had a great time in Vietnam.  I will be adding some more stuff to the page.

6/26/00- Sorry!  I will not be able to complete any section today because I have to pack for my trip.  I will update this page when I get back on 7/22/00.

6/23/00- I added a Final Fantasy and Starcraft section.  I have two characters finished for the Final Fantasy section.  I am still working on both of them.  I promise I will finish at least one of the two new sections before I leave for Vietnam.

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